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It all started in 1948, when Oscar’s Steakhouse opened its doors on Old St. Louis Rd. Oscar distinguished himself with juicy, flavorful steaks that “hung off your plate” all hand cut from full sides of beef  that aged in the cellar. Oscar’s Steak Sandwich and his Sirloin for Two were famous standouts, and still big sellers in today’s Oscar's Classic Diner incarnation.  He was equally noted for his hearty breakfasts and home-style favorites. Oscar’s Steakhouse was to become a great success, but Oscar never quit managing his cash only business from a cigar box.

Starting as a local favorite, they outgrew their small stone building by the mid fifties, and built a more expansive establishment on Hwy 54.  It eventually drew customers from all over Missouri as a popular stop to and from the Lake, and their reputation spread beyond state borders. Oscar’s even hosted Harry S. Truman on private occasion.

Son, Robert “Fuzzy” Mankin, also loved to cook and expertly operated the kitchen for the latter part of their 23 year operation. And although he did not choose to settle down as an owner when Oscar retired in the early 70s, his young son Kurt had become inspired by this heritage and enamored with his own Oscar’s dream…