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After years of planning, Kurt and Fuzzy teamed up to realize this vision in March of  2004 opening the new Oscar’s Classic Diner. Our wish is that the spirit of Oscar’s Steakhouse is brought back to you with our selection of juicy hand-cut steaks and home-style comfort foods prepared as Oscar did. Our main mission has been to bring you the high quality of ingredients and homemade preparation that made the original Oscar’s a beloved favorite. 

Times have changed but you’ll never know you left the feel-good era of the original steakhouse. 50’s music, historic photos, and pop-culture memorabilia bring you back to these fun and carefree days. However, an addition of lighter bistro-style fare and a tempting selection of pastas and salads reflect modern lifestyles. The kids will also enjoy the Purple-People-Eater breakfast platter, a Little Ritchie burger, or many other child favorites from the kids menu - and you can be sure they get their milk and veggies if desired.

Sadly, Fuzzy passed away in 2006 but his exuberant spirit remains. Additionally his mastery in the kitchen is carried on through our dedicated staff of accomplished chefs. They’ve earned Oscar’s several breakfast and home-style cooking awards.  We believe you’ll find something delicious to satisfy everyone’s palate. And our exceptional servers will always strive to make you feel right at home with their friendly, attentive care.  

“So come relax, and enjoy making new memories with us at Oscar’s.”
Kurt and Lisa Mankin